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We work collaboratively with our clients and suggest THREE PLUSES:

Customized Service, Time Saving, and Cost Saving. We always investigate the most effective process to interact and communicate with our clients. The expedited working processes and a global network distinguish us from other model shops. The most advanced shop automation increases efficiency and optimizes processes in each step.


Plusplan provides customized CFM samples and new trend reference chips that help realize the design intent and new strategies. To meet the unique process needs and regulation of each client, we offer a customized way of working and running the process together. Quality is the key principle of Plusplan to ensure significant value and strong reference for mass production.


Speed is one of our promises. The expedited process gives our clients more time to devote to other projects. Our flexibility, diligence and dexterity guarantee timely completion of the project.

To begin the project process, you can send your 3D data with the CFM specification to us. We will get back to you with a pre-quote and estimated delivery time within 24 HOURS.

Then, you can transfer the data to us using any data transit platform such as email attachment, dropbox, or client FTP. Our average lab time from the final CMF confirmation to finished project is just ONE WEEK. We are available 24/7/365 for any urgent project at no extra charge. We deliver products by priority shipping or in person.


Cost! Cost! And Cost! Our price is competitive and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Plusplan has been listening to clients’ voices. We are confident of our quality, outstanding finish at a competitive cost.

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