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Most of our clients say “wow” when they visit our facility. Recently, we’ve added one other building to our headquarters and renovated all of our facilities. Our well-arranged GREEN working environment, the latest AUTOMATIC machines, and top-level SECURITY system will make customers feel at ease. We have seven separate client conference meeting rooms and the break/entertainment rooms next to each meeting room. The route to each client room from the main entrance and working areas is intentionally segregated to comply with our confidentiality policy. We encourage our clients to make an appointment for a private tour to experience our state-of-the-art facility. No facility tours will be provided to the public.

Studio 1 - West building

Studio 2 - East building

Client Meeting Room 7

Show Room

Conference Room 2

Printing Room 1

Printing Room 4

Elevator in the East Building

Inside of the West Building

Color Sample Room 3

Studio Work Room 2

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