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CMF is a specialized area of product design that focuses on color, material, and finish development. In recent years, CMF has become an important determinant of the value of a product, marketing strategy, and brand differentiation. With a group of our CMF specialists and unique design equipment and tooling, our clients can experience innovative CMF services. Our strife for the best doesn’t stop here.  We are constantly working to improve our CMF capability through trend research, material implementation and analysis. Plusplan also endeavors to satisfy our clients with the special effect treatment. This includes, but is not limited to, stunning capability of UV print/coating, multi-coating, hydrographic, electroplating, soft feeling, texture, silk screening, laser marking, aluminum/brass/copper machining, plated chrome, metal brushing/texturing, laser etching, stainless steel treatment, anodizing, and SLA. All of these capabilities will deliver results that are exactly what our clients would have envisioned.

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